Nurse Residency Program

Your nursing career is just beginning. Now is the time for our nurse residency program.

We are currently accepting applications.

Beginning your nursing career is a significant transition. You have questions, you need advice and you want support. The idea of hitting the ground running when there’s so much relying on your decisions can be overwhelming.

Centra has partnered with Versant®, a nationally recognized nursing education program, to help bridge the gap between student nurse and accomplished professional. It’s a one-year, comprehensive transition-to-practice curriculum designed to give you the tools to manage stress, hone your decision- making skills, enhance critical thinking on the job, facilitate patient safety and more. It’s a place where you can feel safe sharing your frustrations, fears, stressors and concerns.

Supportive, Structured Education Experience

Residents learn the curriculum through structured education experiences, which take place using a variety of learning modalities.

Supportive Components include:

  • Classroom, simulation and online learning
  • Supportive component coaches
  • Debriefing sessions where you can meet with others in the cohort and discuss experiences in a confidential environment
  • Mentor meetings that provide a supportive structure to identify professional goals
    and development opportunities

What does the program entail?

  • Expanding Your LearningThe nurse residency program provides a comprehensive assessment, education and competency performance validation system that transitions newly graduated registered nurses to safe, competent and professional practitioners. This includes guided clinical experience with a preceptor; education and curriculum; a supportive component composed of formal mentoring and debriefing/self-care sessions; and 360-degree evaluation and measurement process.
  • Making A DifferenceParticipate in a group evidence-based practice project to impact patient care.
  • Experiencing Mentorship Imagine having the opportunity to ask questions, explore new things and discuss issues with others in a non-judgmental environment.

Why should you consider our nurse residency program at Centra?

  • Make the transition from an advanced beginner nurse to competent professional nurse in the clinical environment
  • Develop effective decision-making skills related to clinical judgement and performance
  • Provide key clinical nursing leadership at the point of care
  • Strengthen your commitment to nursing as a professional career choice
  • Incorporate research-based evidence linked to practice outcomes into the care you provide
  • Cultivate opportunities to continue your professional growth and development, such as becoming a preceptor, advancing on the clinical ladder and working toward certification

How to Apply

  • Visit: and search for RN New Graduate
  • Click on job title to open instructions for application process
  • Submit cover letter, resume and essay with the application
  • Include two clinical instructor references including name/title/contact information (no letter of reference needed)

For current Centra employees visit Oracle/ click “Me” tab/Click “Current Jobs” to locate the RN New Graduate position